Sunday, December 3, 2017

Basketball Mom

A few weeks ago, I added "basketball mom" to my repertoire.  I can't remember what made her think of it, but back in August/September, Kate asked if she could play basketball.  I looked up a local church league, and signed her up.  She actually plays for the church where she went to 3K and 4K, and where Karsten is currently enrolled in Parents Day Out.  

So at the beginning of November, I got a call from Kate's coach and we got all of the details. She was SO excited.  

The league is made up of 1st and 2nd grade girls, and since Kate BARELY makes the cut off for the school year, she is among the youngest kids in the league.  No matter - she is taller than most of them, and our team is made up of 7 girls, most of which have never played basketball before. So you know, it's gonna be a fun year. 

At the end of the first practice, they huddled up and the coach asked if someone would pray for them. See my shy kid? Ha!

This Saturday was her first game.  They play four 7-minute quarters. Kevin and I made bets as to the final score of the game. We guessed 4-2.  It ended up being 8-6. 

And guess what?  Kate scored the very first basket of the season for her team! She was so excited that she made it, she turned around and looked at me and Kevin and started jumping up and down. 

Sure do love my #31.  Oh my, watching 6 year olds play basketball is hard. But it is going to be a fun season!

PS - If you have tips on how to take pictures in dark gyms, let me know! This indoor sports stuff is so new to me, I have no idea how to take pictures. I use a Canon T3i - lenses and tips are needed!

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