Friday, September 29, 2017

Catching Up

Lately I've been using my phone to do most of my picture taking.  I'd love the newest iPhone just so I can get a camera upgrade, but I do NOT love the price tag on them. So like I tell my kids "You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit."

We are part of a small group at our church that started off as a group for 20's and 30's but has evolved and includes all ages of people, but mostly families with kids.  It is seriously my kids favorite part of the week.  We take the summer off and so our first small group after starting back was a few Sundays ago at our house.

I randomly saw this posted on Facebook and text it to a few friends. We decided to take the challenge so 4 of us have been doing this every day.  I may die before we get to Day 30.  We are only on Day 12!!

Love these girls!  I picked them up one day and can't even remember where we were going.

We've been making some changes in our formal living room to make it more usable. One thing we decided we want to get is a recliner, so one evening we headed over to the LazyBoy store to test out a few. Of course the girls picked out the most expensive ones, with remotes and a million buttons that recline, raise, lower, vibrate, and anything else you can think of.  Kevin picked up Karsten and told her they had to test it out together...

Our evening routine is that Kevin reads Kate a story and tucks her into bed, and then I pop in to give her a kiss goodnight.  I tuck Karsten in, and then Kevin gives her a quick kiss goodnight.  Karsten has finally started actually wanting to listen to books, so I'm loving this new evening addition to our nights. 

Not sure what it is about turning 6 years old, but apparently there is some unwritten rule that you HAVE to throw up a peace sign anytime mom wants to take your picture. Happens every single time. Good think she is cute.

And then I have to say "Ok - now let's take a REAL one."

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