Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gymnastics Girls

Since August, Kate has taken gymnastics on Tuesday evenings. She LOVES it and I have to say, I'm impressed with how much she has learned in this short period of time. This is definitely one of those sports I can see us sticking with for a long period of time.  
Karsten is still too young to attend a class, but because Kevin often has church meetings on Tuesday nights, she sometimes has to tag along and watch big sister do her thing.  When she goes, she is SO jealous and anxious to get out there on her own.
A friend gave her a hand-me-down leotard and so Karsten had to wear it last Tuesday when we went to gymnastics.  Here are the girls before we headed off to the gym...

And in case you were wondering why Karsten looks less than impressed in these pictures, it's because of this....

Kevin was on our roof, blowing off the leaves and sticks that had fallen during a storm.  Karsten couldn't care less that he was on the roof, but she HATES the blower.  She is terrified of it, and terrified of Kevin when he is wearing it. 

The things we are scared of as kids!  This has been a pretty long-standing fear with her though, and we are going on a solid year of this. We even have an electric blower at church that is used to clean off the sidewalks, and when she see it, she immediately says "We're not gonna turn the blower on." Wonder how much longer this fear will last?

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