Friday, May 12, 2017

Fidget Spinners

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A week ago I had no idea what a Fidget Spinner even was.  And now, they are EVERYWHERE. Seriously. We were eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant the other night, and looked around and 5 different kids were all holding and spinning these things.

So anyway, Kate came home from school last week and kept telling Kevin and me about these fidget spinner things that her friend Kahlil had, and asked if she could get one.  I had no idea what they were but she said they sold them at her school store. So, I told her to find out how much they cost and we would see.

Well, of course she forgot to check on the price (and I kinda doubt they actually sold these things AT SCHOOL), but a week later she was still wanting one.  Kevin promised to buy her one off of Amazon, but then couldn't get the transaction to go through on his phone, so he gave up. We had no idea where to buy one in person but we figured this would be the kind of thing that the mall would be selling at a kiosk in the middle.  And you know what?  We were right!

So this kid took her allowance money and bought herself a multicolored cheetah print fidget spinner.  And then we had to buy Karsten one too, because in Kevin's own words, "even if Kate got an amputation, Karsten would have to have one too."  Karsten is definitely a little copycat.

If you DON'T know about the fidget spinner craze, here are some links to a few. Kate's school allows kids to have them at recess, but otherwise they need to stay in their book bags. Tons of schools in our area are just flat-out banning them. That's how big they are. Craziness.  (Though I will say, they are kind of entertaining to play with for a few minutes.)

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