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Oh wow - Y'all.  I started this post MONTHS ago, and totally forgot about it, so this is old.  Like, 6 months old.  But, these are things that I definitely want to make in my blog book at the end of the year, so I'm sharing it now... (PS - the pictures are new. Only the post part is a few months old.)

I have loved writing down the things Kate has said these past 5 years. She makes us laugh more than any kid we know.  Now that Karsten has started putting phrases and sentences together, we know she's going to make us laugh just as much.  These are some of the things she is saying at 20 months...

Meh-me do it. (Let me do it.)

Tonight we went to Cook-Out for dinner. I ordered a cheeseburger and got Karsten a grilled cheese.  As I was pulling out everyones food and handing things out, Karsten kept trying to get my burger.  I handed her the grilled cheese again and said "No, you got a grilled cheese.  That's mommy's burger."  Well, she reached across the table, grabbed my burger and said "That's KARSTEN's now."

Kate has a few eye patches from her pirates birthday party last year (when she turned 4).  Karsten has found them and loves wearing them around the house. She'll put one on and tell us she is Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Often she'll walk around saying "Arrrhhhh, Mateys!"

Our kids have called Bradford Pear trees and Crepe Myrtle trees "Popcorn Trees".  There is one neighborhood that is close to us and we drive through it nearly every day.  Basically every yard has Bradford Pear and Crepe Myrtles. As we drive through the neighborhood, Karsten is constantly yelling in the back seat "POPCORN TREES!! POPCORN TREES!"

Karsten is obsessed with her stuffed bunny, which she calls "Bunny".  So much so that we have a backup bunny that stays at her Nana's house.  A few days ago, when we got home from church, Kate and Karsten got out of the car and started walking to the back of our yard to let our dogs out of their pen. Karsten had Bunny with her and I tried to take him away so she wouldn't drop him and get him dirty, but she was having none of it.  So I just let her go ahead.  While the girls were walking to the back of the yard, Kevin and I walked into the house to go through and open the back door for them to come back inside through. About halfway through the house we start hearing Karsten screaming bloody murder and Kate yelling "NO COOPER!".  Kevin rushes outside to see Cooper running through the yard with Bunny in his mouth. Luckily, Kevin got Bunny back before any destruction took place but Karsten was hysterical.  We brought Bunny inside and he was a big, yucky, slobbery mess so he definitely needed to be washed.  She walked with me into the laundry room area so I told her that Bunny needed a bath and that he was going to go swimming (hoping that would stop her from crying).  Well as soon as I threw Bunny into the washing machine and the water started pouring down on him, she lost it even more.  Guess seeing Bunny almost ripped to shreds, and then an attempt at drowning him was a bit much for her!  (Bunny was clean and back in her arms after her nap.)

One thing that we've never really given Karsten to drink is orange juice.  We spent the night at my parent's not too long ago and there was OJ in the fridge so I gave some to Karsten. She loved it.  A little later that day she kept telling me "I want pink! I want PINK, Mama!" and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what she wanted.  Finally she started saying "I want yellow!" and held out her cup to me and I figured it out.  She wanted Orange Juice.

Karsten LOVES to swim and has gotten pretty good at swimming in her puddle jumper.  She was climbing up the steps to get onto my Dad's boat, and Kevin grabbed her puddle jumper and helped pull her up.  When she got to the top of the steps, she looked up at Kevin and said "Thanks, Daddy! You saved my life!"

A few nights ago at dinner, we were eating baked potatoes as one of our sides.  Karsten stuck her spoon into the potatoes and then looked at me and said "It got sand on it, Mommy!".  Turns out it was salt.

I LOVE to get Karsten out of her bed when she wakes from her nap. She is cuddly and happy and just so sweet.  One day when I picked her up, she laid her head on my shoulder.  We had this conversation:

     Me: I love you Karsten!
     Karsten: I love you too, Mommy!
     Me: I love you more!
     Karsten: I love you FIVE!

Guess my "more" sounded a lot like "four".  Ha!

Karsten LOVES some Winnie the Pooh.  We are constantly hearing "I wanna watch Mimi-ma-poo, Mommy!"

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  1. Your post reminds me of my niece. She speaks so fast that I hardly understand the exact meaning. But she sounds cute and innocent.


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