Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Princess Halloween

I am on a mad rush to get all caught up with my pre-Thanksgiving posts, so here we go!  Coming up on this little blog of mine... Halloween!

In late-September, the girls and I were walking through Target when we realized that the Halloween decor was already out.  Kate begged to walk through the aisles, so we did. We turned the corner of the first aisle, and immediately Kate spotted a Princess Elena costume.  For those who are unfamiliar with this princess, she is one of the newest on Disney Junior. She is a Spanish princess and my girls have come to LOVE Princess Elena, of Avalor.

Kate BEGGED for the costume but up to this point she had not even mentioned being Princess Elena for Halloween, so I was hesitant to get it. I mean we were still 6 weeks away from the actual holiday and anyone with small kids knows that they will change their minds one hundred million times.  But she begged and begged so I told her I would get it, but she HAD to be Princess Elena and couldn't change her mind. I also told her that she couldn't wear the costume until Halloween.  I think this was a good call because she never wavered in her decision to dress up as Princess Elena.

Now - since Kate was going to be Princess Elena, what did Karsten want to be?  Princess Elena, of course.  With her birthday at the beginning of October, we gave her both the Princess Elena dress and the Princess Anna dress (from Frozen).  Up until a few days before Halloween, Karsten kept insisting that she was going with the Elena costume.  Eventually she did switch to Princess Anna, which I think is more fitting with her Frozen obsession.

SO - here are our two Disney princesses on Halloween....

Aren't they the cutest?  Kate was especially proud that I let her wear lipstick.  She even made me reapply it 2 times during the night. :) 

Princess Anna was in full-on run mode all night long. 

And Princess Elena looks 13 years old.  Seriously.  Where did my five year old go? 

We actually went trick-or-treating with some friends in a nearby neighborhood and in true halloween fashion, the girls each got 30 lbs of candy. Nearly a month later, and we still have a ton of candy sitting in a bucket on top of our refrigerator.  Surely we aren't the only ones? 

And that, friends, was our Halloween. 

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  1. Aww, both are looking very cute princesses. Adorable pictures.


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