Sunday, June 21, 2015

Family Lake Day 2015

Each year, my Aunt and Uncle rent a house for the week on an upstate lake near Clemson. Different people come and go throughout the week, but it seems like one Saturday ends up being "the day" that most people gather together. We have been the past few years and always end up having a blast.  Last year, the lake day kicked off our family vacation. 

I don't think anybody had more fun than Kate did.  She was on high-speed the entire day, and never took a break.  It all started out with paddle boarding with my cousin, Mark, who became her favorite person of all time by the end of the day. (Sorry, Davis!)


I was worried about how Karsten would do, since we left our house at 9ish and knew she most likely wouldn't get a morning nap. She did awesome and for the most part, smiled all day long. I think she had fun. :)

Those curls. I heart them so much.

See? She's not having any fun at all.

And more paddle boarding.  We spent time with family that we don't get to see very often, and in typical Kate fashion, nobody was a stranger. She made herself right at home with everyone.  We had two boats for the day, and Kate purposefully chose to be on whatever boat Kevin and I were NOT on. 

After lunch, Karsten took a good nap in a pack-n-play that we'd set up in the house. And then she was back at it for boating.  She was still tired, so she kicked back most of the afternoon and didn't mind to be held. 

 We headed over to the big rock wall where everyone jumps off.  As we drove up to it, some of the guys in my family swam over.  They climbed off and jumped off of the rock, which was probably 30ish feet high, maybe higher.  Kate saw what they were doing and immediately started yelling at me "I'm a good jumper Mommy.  I'm a GREAT jumper. I'm a GOOD jumper.", thinking that we would let her go jump off the rock.  My little daredevil.

 We did let her jump off a slightly smaller rock. :)

You can't really tell it, but she is arguing with Kevin in this picture, because she wants to go up higher, where Joe and Christopher are.  She wasn't happy jumping off of her little rock.

Two minutes after we were in the car to drive home, both kids were asleep.  Sign of a great day.

And today was Father's Day!  Of course I had to get a picture of the day.  These two girls are so lucky to call him Daddy.  He loves them more than they will know, and I love seeing the three of them together. 


What a weekend!


  1. Your girls are both such beauties! Love the picture of them with sweet.

  2. How great! Looks like it was a blast of a weekend :)

    And I agree-- Karsten's curls are too too cute!

  3. Those paddle boats are great! What a fun way to spend Father's Day.

  4. That is one of our favorite vacation spots. The lake up there is so peaceful in the summer, but you are right that it can get really crowded if you do not time your visit just right. It looks like you and the family had a great time paddle boarding and boating at the lake.

    Garrett Newman @ Branson Regal


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