Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Egging It

About a week and a half ago, I bought 2 dozen eggs and 2 packs of egg dye.  I went home and boiled the eggs and then... we never got around to dying them.  I kept having intentions of doing it with Kate each night, and other stuff just kept getting in the way.  But on Thursday, we finally got to dye eggs.

Kate was SO excited.  As in, jumping up and down excited.

For some reason she got it in her head that she had to blow on the eggs.  Not really sure where that came from, but it was funny anyway...

She was INTENT on the egg dying, y'all.  And really, I forgot how boring egg dying is.  I mean you stick them in the cup and then wait.  And that's about it.

 The other kit I bought was some tie-dye kit and so there was a little bit more involved. You had to put the egg in this plastic case and then use a syringe to squirt dye into the case.

We did 2 tie-dye eggs and then we were both over it.  Oh yeah, also, I went to work with a pink hand the next day, and Kate had a blue one.  But our eggs did turn out pretty nice.

And next year, we'll have two little girls attempting the egg dying experience.  Start praying for me now.

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