Sunday, March 29, 2015

(Mostly) Candyless Easter Baskets

I love Easter.  It is the cornerstone of my faith- celebrating the death and resurrection of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  There is no greater love than for someone to lay down their life for another. (John 15:13)  Because of Jesus' life, death and resurrection, my sins are already forgiven.  Because of HIS blood, I have eternal life.  So yeah, Easter is a pretty celebrated day in our house.

Even though the focus of Easter in our house is on Jesus, we also do the Easter bunny.  Like with Christmas, we don't go all out, but we do have some fun with it.  However, Kate gets enough candy and sweets through other things, that I really don't want to fill her Easter basket up with junk.  I try to find some fun things to fill their basket, along with some practical stuff that I'd have to buy anyway.  I've been collecting a few things here and there since the first of the year, so I went ahead and put their baskets together this weekend.  In case any of you have kids in the age range of my two, here's what we did for Easter this year:

Can you guess which is which? Ha! Pretty easy.  Plus, Kate's HAD to be pink.  If she got a non-pink basket, I think the Easter bunny would have been in trouble.

Kate's Basket - Age 3.5

1. Two Pairs of Pajamas (Carter's)
2. Pink Flip Flops (Old Navy)
3. Bubble Gun (Target)
4. Old Maid and Go Fish (Target Dollar Spot)
5. Glow Stick Bracelets (Target Dollar Spot)
6. Chocolate Bunny
7. M&M's

Karsten's Basket - Age 5 months

1. Two Pairs of Pajamas (Carter's) - matching Kate's, of course.
2. Pink Flip Flops (Old Navy) - again, matching Kate's.
3. Teething Toy (Carter's)
4. Teething Toy (MAM - Target)
5. Car Seat Toy Elephant (Target)

Some other non-candy ideas are:
1. Hair Bows/Clips (I was going to add some of these, but never got around to buying any.)
2. Stickers
3. Bottle or Sippy Cup Labels (InchBug)
4. Play Dough
5. Goldfish
6. Crayons
7. Small Board Books
8. Sunglasses
9. Bathing Suit
10. Slinky
11. Bath Toys
12. Bath Dropz or Bath Paint
13. Chalk


  1. Such fun! It is hard not to fill up these little baskets-holidays are fun with little ones!

  2. Thanks for the great ideas! We try to do a candy-less Easter too. Last year, we put puzzle pieces inside the plastic eggs for our Easter egg hunt. The kids had fun and no candy was involved!

  3. I love all your non-candy ideas! We don't put candy in our boys' baskets since they will get a little from our egg hunt. Happy Easter!

  4. I went almost candyless - which I don't remember getting so much candy growing up from the Easter Bunny. Great ideas!

  5. Easter is a big deal at our house too! This year my son is 10 months, so I didn't add any candy either. I love that you get your girls matching PJ's. So Cute!


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