Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Karsten: Three Months

It happened again.

Karsten is THREE months old.  This was her first "monthly birthday" that I didn't spend all day with her. Tear. :(  Just kidding.  I WAS at work, and had to rush to get these pictures taken before bath time, bottle time and bedtime. We're figuring out a routine. We're getting there.

I still can't believe this little one is three months old though. We're still using Size 1 diapers, though they are getting pretty tight! I tried to move her on up to Size 2's and they swallowed her whole!

She drinks about 4 oz at every feeding, but right before bed (around 8pm) she will drink up to 6-7 oz!  I wish that meant she would sleep longer, but she's still eating again at 10:30ish and then again at 4, before she wakes up for a bottle at 7am.

She has been rolling from her belly to her back since she was 9 days old, but she is THIS CLOSE to rolling from her belly to her back.  She actually did roll all the way over yesterday, but I'm not giving her credit because her arm was sort of in her way and she only stayed rolled over for about 5 seconds. I really think this is part of her nightime sleep issues. She really wants to be on her belly and this is when she practices. The problem is, when she is on her belly she wants to be on her back and quickly rolls over.  She's never satisfied.  She is a girl though, right? :) 

She loves to stand up and has gotten really good at it.  I wouldn't be surprised is she is an early walker, or even skips crawling all together.  Not that I WANT that.  I'd love to slow time down!  She likes to smile, coo and "talk" to us and we are totally in love.

Happy 3 month birthday, baby girl!

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