Friday, January 23, 2015

Exhausted & Fulfilled


That's what I am.

It's the mark of Mommyhood. Regardless of how well of a sleeper your little one is (and my littlest one is NOT), regardless of how old your kids are, regardless of the fact that you're a working-outside-the-home mama, or a working-inside-the-home-all-day-long mama, ALL mommies exhausted.  Or they're lying. It's one or the other.

You're exhausted from lack of sleep. (Me! Me! Me!)
Or from worrying.
Or from making a million phone calls to figure out where to send your child to daycare/school.
Or from cleaning up after a sick baby all day long.
Or rocking said baby all day long.
Or from the never-ending toddler tantrums.
Or from trying to keep the toddler from shoving goldfish in the newborn's mouth. (Been there, done that.)
Or from washing 24 bottles, that will last you all of one day.
Or from keeping your two (or three, or four) elementary school kids from getting into fights.
Or from feeling like you have no idea what's going on after 14 hours of common core homework.
Or from a colicky baby, who will only be soothed by the bouncing walk (you know the one.)
Or from cleaning the crayons off the wall.
Or from wiping away the tears and kissing a million boo boos.
Or from going from soccer practice, to piano, to gymnastics, to dance to....
Or from putting shoes away for the millionth time.
Or from cleaning squished up cookies out of the car seats.
Or from folding the 6th load of laundry today.
Or from saying "If I have to tell you ONE MORE TIME...."
Or from trying to figure out what's for dinner.
Or from just simply keeping people alive!
Maybe you're even exhausted from being exhausted. (It happens.)

Being a mom is rewarding.  It's fulfilling.  It's pretty awesome.  But, goodness, it is tiring! 

What nobody tells you before you had kids, is that it never gets any easier. You think "Once my baby starts sleeping through the night, I can handle this.", never considering that your baby might not sleep through the night ANYTIME soon. Or, not considering that once that baby DOES sleep through the night, she will just be learning to walk and pull everything off of every piece of furniture in your house.

It gets different, but it doesn't get easier.

Just when you finally have it under control and think to yourself "I've got this", you hit a new stage and realize you don't have a handle on anything.

And you know what?  We were created that way.  We weren't made to ever "get this" on our own.  As parents, we were created to have a partnership with our spouse to share the load.  But even more than that, we were created to have a relationship with one who made us. We were created to lean on Him, and RELY on Him to get us through each day.

There is a well known verse that takes on a total different meaning (at least to me) once you become a mom:

"Then Jesus said, come to me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28

He wants us to bring our worries to Him. He desires for us to have a relationship with Him.  He made us just for that.  And just like any good Father, he wants to help us when we need it.  He wants us to cry out to him when we are frustrated, when we are hurting, and when we are exhausted.

And to ease our exhaustion, he gives us daily reminders of why WE were chosen to be the moms of our little ones. He gives us fulfillment and shows us just how needed and valued we are when our little one...

Calls out for us (Mommy) in the middle of the night.
Runs to us with arms wide open.
Gives us sweet baby kisses.
Or sweet toothy (maybe toothless) smiles.
Cries out "Watch me, Mom!"
Asks us to lay down with them at night.
Offers to share their food. (Hey - for my 3 year old, this is a BIG deal!)
Asks us to wipe their tears.
Hugs us tight.
Face lights up when we get home from work.
Says "Thank you for my Mommy" when they say their bedtime prayers.
Comes to us with their troubles.
Copies every thing we do.
Asks us to hold them.
Gives us the best belly laughs.
Draws a picture just for Mom.
Wants to be our helper.
Kisses OUR boo boos.
Asks for snuggles.
Gives us butterfly kisses.
Tells us when they grow up, they are going to marry us.
Presents us with the "best" rocks they could find.
Waves to us from the stage of their school performance.
Lays their head on our shoulders.
Wants to be just like us, and walks around in our high heeled shoes.
Grabs our hand and holds on tight.
Trusts us with their secrets.
Asks to play princesses or pirates with them.
Looks to us for approval. 
Picks dandelions and wildflowers to give to us.
Asks for our advice.
Says "I love you".

They need us, and we need Him.


  1. Thank you for this. We are at 13 months and, so far, it is TRUTH! Thanks for putting my experience into words.

  2. We are just starting our adoption journey, and I've enjoyed reading your chronicles of your experiences! I am blogging about our experiences as they unfold (first time blogger!). My site is here:

  3. Your family looks beautiful. I hope you get some rest!


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