Monday, April 28, 2014

Baby Ballet

Two days in a row.  Y'all.  I'm on a roll with this blogging thing.  OK, not really, but I do have a few things to catch up on, one of which was Parent Observation day at Kate's ballet class from last week. 

There is no doorway or window into the classroom, so we typically watch our kids dance on a television screen that is in the lobby.  This week, we actually got to go in and watch our little ones dancing up close and personal.  I've gotten a pretty good idea of how Kate dances from the little bits I'd seen on the screen, and this only re-affirmed what I already knew was true. 

She definitely does her own thing.

At first, they were supposed to "perform" for us and give us a glimpse of their dance recital piece that they will be doing in a little over a month.  Each child had their own mat on the floor and were supposed to copy what their teacher, Mrs. Lindsey, was doing.  

While most of the other kids imitated Mrs. Lindsey, Kate was jumping up and down, shaking her hips, turning in circles, etc.  Definitely choreographed her own little dance.  While she wasn't exactly following direction, this is progress from Day 1!  She at least stayed on her mat the whole time, rather than running all around the room!

After showing off their dance, they showed us some of their fun activities.  

It was fun watching all of the little girls running around and having fun, and it was obvious they enjoyed having an audience.  

I posted this to Facebook a few weeks back: 

Sometimes I think I do great to have it together 50% of the time. Just showed up to dance and Kate has a hole the size of my hand in her brand new tights bc she picked on them in the car on the way over, she is wearing Toms instead of ballet slippers bc I have no idea where I put hers, and I'm pretty sure her hair hasn't been brushed since this morning. But, hey, we were on time!!

While it's obviously sometimes a struggle to get to dance at 5:30 every Thursday, and be somewhat put together when we get there, it's so worth it to see how much fun Kate has dancing around and seeing each of her friends. 


  1. I love this post! Sounds like Kate really enjoys the class
    There is nothing cuter than mini ballerinas :)

  2. I love it too! She's so cute in her dance clothes! Sweet memories!


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