Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thank You God for Going Outside

Like I've said too many times before, Kate is most definitely an outside girl.  So much so that when we had some good weather recently and finally got to spend the afternoon outdoors, it was the very first thing that Kate thanked God for in her bedtime prayers.  Typically at night (when I get to put her to bed), we'll read a book and then turn off the lights to rock and pray.  I'll pray first and then say "Kate, do you want to tell God thank you for anything today?"  On this day, she immediately said "Yes!  God, thank you for playing outside!"  Like I said, outside girl for sure!

Can't wait til the weather warms up a bit and we can spend lots more time outside.  I know one little girl that is going to love it!


  1. Cade loves the cows at Robbie's parents house. The other night at bedtime, he included "Thank You for the cows" in his prayer. Love the prayers from their little, innocent hearts.

  2. My daughter is an outdoor girl as well! I can't wait for warmer temps!!


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