Monday, August 26, 2013

Tiny Dancer

A few weeks ago Kate went to a trial ballet class, just so I could see if she liked it. A nearby studio opened one Saturday for anyone who wanted a test-run.  Kate loved it, but it was really hard to tell how she would do because the free class was for ages 2-6.  That's a big age range.  And there ended up being 20+ kids show up.  So in addition to the kids being on such different developmental levels, there were also a TON of them.  But, Kate cried when it was time to leave so I assumed that meant she liked it, and I signed her up for the real thing.  This past Thursday was her very first class.

Again, she loved it.  This was when she was actually paying attention...

Can you tell she played hard?  Her hair was in a pony tail to begin with, but ended up a complete mess by the end of the class.  

She definitely had fun but let's just say her personality is 100% different from every other little girl in her class.  I think it's pretty funny (and fitting) that when I went to Target to get her leotard, they were out of the light pink in her size.  So she wore black, which was completely acceptable under the dress code, but every single other little girl in her class had on light pink. So here are 5-6 little girls dressed in light pink, and Kate in her black.  And while all the other little girls were shy and timid, to the point of tears and some not even going in the room without their moms, Kate is running around, pulling out the hulu hoops, messing with the teacher's CD player, not sitting still, etc.  Typical preacher's kid, and it's definitely not from lack of discipline. 

I guess we'll see how she does on Thursday for her second ballet class.


  1. We did a trial ballet 'camp' back in July and my daughter has been teetering between doing soccer and ballet in the fall. She has until Friday to make her final decision : )

    1. I think Kate would LOVE soccer. Right now, because of her age, ballet is our only option. Good luck with soccer or ballet- she will have so much fun with either one!

  2. She is such a cutie! And her personality reminds me of Chase - messing with the CD player and pulling out the toys would be the first thing he did ha!

  3. That age is so fun in dance class! I'm so glad she's enjoying it!!!

  4. What an adorable ballet dancer. I started ballet when I was 3, almost 4 and stuck with it for only a few years. I'm hoping my daughter will want to join in another year or two. It's great that Kate likes it. The recitals at the end of the year are always the best to watch.

  5. She looks SO adorable! I can't wait for Emma to take dancing lessons!


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