Saturday, December 1, 2012

Would You Rather??

Remember playing "would you rather" back in elementary school?  If not, it goes something like this:

Would you rather have the ability to fly or read minds?
Would you rather win a million dollars and live 20 more years or be poor and live 30 more years?
Would you rather be the best player on the worst team or the worst player on the best team?

It's no secret that Kevin is a big Georgia fan and that today was a BIG game, so in the days leading up to the game, we've asked each other lots of "would you rather" questions.  Today I asked if he would rather Georgia win today and GO to the national Championship game but never do it again in his lifetime or lose today but maybe go to the national championship game sometime later in his life.  I also asked if he would rather the game be NEXT week so he could enjoy an extra week of "maybe" or if he would rather the game stay today so it would be over with.  Of course these are just hypothetical questions but it's still just a game we like to play.

Even though I'm a Clemson fan, I had to pull for Georgia today.  So while Kevin and I were busy watching the game, our little cheerleader was busy playing with her new Fisher Price nativity.  Basically she just liked to use the stable as a basket and fill it up with the people/animals and then dump them out.

Obviously the game didn't go as we hoped.  It came down to the very end and was so disappointing. While I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready, I heard Kevin talking to Kate in a new version of "would you rather".  I overheard him saying "Don't worry, Kate. I'd rather have you than Georgia win the national championship."

Hearing sweet daddy/daughter moments like these are better than CLEMSON winning the national championship.

PS- Apparently I am going to have to print my blog to a book for Kate's scrapbook.  I had every intention of doing this anyway but I ran out of free storage and now google wants me to pay if I want to upload any more photos.  So that will be my last photo until I print my blog book. Boo. Wish they'd given me a bit of warning on that!!


  1. Too bad they didn't warn close to the end of this calendar year. It would've been nice to know so you could've posted through December photos and then printed. I love the photos of Kate!! She is such a sweetheart! I do think the blog books are going to be an unbelievable treasure to her as she is older. What a terrific job you have done/are doing of capturing life moments, big and small, and documenting those for her! Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog! Have a great week!!

  2. Hey Kelley... just a tip about the photo thing... you can add another gmail address as a blog author. :) That will give you double the amount of picture space!


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