Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day- Morning

Christmas Day was a whirlwind day for us. We had so much going on, that I'm going to break the Christmas Day posts into two posts- one for Morning and one for Afternoon/Evening.  First up, is Christmas Morning!

We slept in until around 8:30ish and then had breakfast together. Kate and her Daddy got in a little quality time when she first woke up...

Of course my mom just HAD to let Kate open up a present from her stocking before breakfast. I didn't even know this was going on! Luckily she and Kristi snapped a few pictures.

 One of her favorite things, a new book!

After breakfast we headed to the living room to open presents. Kate is at such a hard age. She's still too young to really "get" the opening presents thing so she wasn't all into it like I thought she would be. She is big into wanting to help though, so she handed out all of the stockings.

When I say that she wasn't all into opening presents, I don't mean that she didn't enjoy what she got.  She just didn't get into the ripping them open part, but once she saw what was inside THEN she got excited.  One of her favorite presents from Christmas this year has got to be her baby stroller.  She has pushed this thing ALL over our house.

 Her Aunt Kristi also gave her a big bag of stacking blocks.  I think she'll have lots of fun with these.

And my parents gave Kate a child's size table.  I love it, but at this point Kate was way past opening presents.  She helped Kristi open the gift but then decided it was way more fun to stand on the box.

See what I mean about LOVING her stroller (and bebe)?

And pretty soon she found a way to play with both the stroller AND the box.

We stayed around and visited with my parents through lunch, and then packed up our car and headed home.  Kate had been awake from about 8:30am until 2 and was way past needing a nap. We knew we needed to get on the road because we had a 1.5 hour drive ahead of us and still had a lot left to do before bedtime, so we said our goodbyes and headed home.


  1. Those are great photos and Kate looks so happy with her stroller. We bought something similar for our little girl last year and she loved it as well

    1. Thanks! She definitely loves her stroller. :) So far she hasn't tried to get in it herself, but I'm sure that she will at some point. Ha!


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