Monday, November 5, 2012

Time & Sleeping

We have been blessed with a good little sleeper.  And believe me, we REALLY appreciate it.  On weekdays, Kate gets up around 7:30 (because she has to) and on the weekends, she consistently sleeps to 8 or 9. Her mommy and daddy love that they get to sleep in until 8 or 9 too.   :)

But just this past Saturday/Sunday came the dreaded Daylight Savings Time.  Ughh. I'm SO not a fan.  Not only will there now be hardly any daylight left when we get off of work, but I'm betting money that Kate will be getting up an hour earlier than what's "normal". 

Fellow mommies, any tips on getting your kids adjusted to the time change? Do you just put your baby down to sleep an hour "earlier" than normal and deal with the waking up an hour earlier part?  How do you deal with "falling back" an hour?


  1. When Chase was around Kate's age, I worked in 15 minute increments to get him back to his normal sleep time. It was a slow process over the course of a week or two but he adjusted well. Hope that helps!

    1. Great idea! I'll have to try that one out. I'm not looking forward to Saturday morning. :)

  2. Anyone who loves this time change does NOT have small children!!! :-)

  3. It always took a good week for him to adjust. Even now he is waking up the hour earlier....but it eventually evens out. :)

  4. We started two weeks ahead and put him to bed five minutes earlier each night so by the time last Sunday rolled around, he was in the bed at 9:15 but it was really 8:15. He woke early Sunday and Monday morning despite our efforts but this morning, he was back to sleeping until 7 :)


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