Friday, October 12, 2012

Open Adoption!

We love having an open adoption. Not all adoption situations are the same, so we definitely understand that it’s not always possible (or healthy) to have an open adoption. We do feel pretty lucky that in Kate’s situation, so far it’s been a very good situation for everyone involved for the adoption to be very open. We keep in touch with Kate’s birth family through emails, pictures, etc. and we even visit with them a few times a year. This year we had agreed to 3 “official” visits (visits that we plan in advance).

Last week Kate’s birth mom and I were emailing back and forth a few times and I found out that she and her Dad would be up our way visiting colleges. We asked if they wanted to meet us at the mall on Friday for dinner (because it’s easiest meeting somewhere loud when you’ve got a 1 yr old). It worked out for them too, so we got to see them for a little while for an “unofficial” visit.

While Kate was walking around with her birth mom, we visited with Kate’s birth grandfather. I’m not sure if I have shared this yet, but Kate’s birth mom was actually adopted herself from Paraguay. While visiting, we actually found out that Kate’s birth mom is 100% Guarani Indian, which makes Kate ½ Guarani Indian.

It’s so funny because after we found this out, we have started asking Kate if she is Guarani Indian. She’ll look at us and then shake her head “no” as hard as she can.

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