Monday, October 15, 2012


On Wednesdays, Kevin gets Kate dressed and ready for Mother’s Day Out. Normally on Tuesday night I’ll pack Kate’s bag, get her lunch ready, and sit out clothes for Kevin to dress her in the next day. My mom had given Kate some SUPER cute silver shoes with pink bows, so I left them out for her to wear to MDO last Wednesday. Well, I totally forgot that they were squeaker shoes and didn’t think to take the squeakers out. Of course when Kevin dressed her, the shoes were the last thing he put on her. He put them on, picked her up, and loaded her in the car. So, she never WALKED anywhere for him to realize the squeakers were in. When he got to the church, he carried her in and handed her off to her teacher. So Kate still hadn’t walked and nobody realized she had squeaker shoes on.

When I got home that afternoon, Kevin and Kate had just pulled into the driveway right ahead of me. Kevin put Kate down and we both heard the squeaking. I felt SO bad. Kate had gone the whole day with those shoes on, squeaking every step of the way.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m sure squeaker shoes serve their purpose when teaching kids how to walk. But they are ANNOYING, and Kate knows how to walk very well. I love the look of the shoes, but the first thing I do is pull out those noise makers and put in the silent “plugs”. I feel awful that her teachers had to listen to her all day. I’m definitely sending an apology note begging for forgiveness. I may have to bribe them with a Starbucks card. :)

And since I didn't get to finish sharing pictures from Saturday, here are a couple more.  Can you tell Kate is into everything?  Trying to pick up the pumpkin... checking out our tiny apple tree... climbing over the flower bed barriers... all over every inch of the yard... yep, she is everywhere!

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