Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 11 Month Birthday!

Well Kate is 11 months old.  Actually, she was 11 months old on July 10th, but that's besides the point. She has grown so much and learned so many new things even in the last few weeks.

In the past 2 weeks, Kate has started walking really well.  It's crazy.  She would take a few steps here and there before, but then all of a sudden she just started walking.  Everywhere.  And not "sort of" walking, but full out walking.  Like from one end of the house to the other.
The whole walking thing definitely gave her a sense of independence.  When she was just crawling, she'd basically stay in the same room that we were in.  She wanted us to pretty much be in her sight.  Now, she'll just take off and she doesn't care where we are.

Everything.  That pretty much sums up what Kate's eating.  We basically feed her whatever we are eating, as long as it doesn't have some of the "no-no" foods for now (nuts, shellfish, honey, strawberries, etc).  She loves real food and would much rather have that than baby food.  For lunch today she had rice & gravy, green beans, crowder peas, bread and of course a little peach cobbler.  Basically she just ate some of my food.  Sorry for Kevin because since Kate and I are sharing food, this really means he's not getting my leftovers anymore.  :)

There's really no need for me to update anything on this since her sleep schedule has been the same for a long time, but just so I remember- she's still sleeping well!  She normally goes to bed around 8 or 8:30 and will sleep until we wake her up at 7:30.  After her bottle in the morning, she will go back down and sleep until her Daddy gets her up to take her to her Nana's house.  She takes a nap when I get home from work, and then I usually have to wake her up for dinner and a bath.

Waving, Clapping & "More"
Kate pretty much has the waving thing down.  If you tell her to wave or to tell someone "hi" or "bye", she will usually wave.  In the past week, she's started clapping a lot.  She'll do it when you ask her to, or whenever she hears music.  She also has started signing "more" when she wants more food.  She definitely used that sign about 100 times at lunch today.  My girl likes to eat.

Kate has 7.5 teeth and they HURT.  She has her 4 bottom teeth, 3 top teeth, and 1 top tooth that has just broken the surface.  She has bitten me a couple of times by accident, and has TRIED to bite me a few times on purpose.  She definitely has a bit of a temper.
Also, now that she has teeth on both the top AND the bottom, she's started grinding them together.  It is so loud that you can hear it. It makes me shudder!  How do you get a 11 month old to quit!?  Kevin keeps saying "at least it's only her baby teeth!"  Well, true but it's still not good.

And now after that long summary of the developmental changes that Kate has made in the past month, here is just how much she has actually grown over the past 11 months!  Crazy. :)


I can't believe that next month I'll be using the very last sticker and taking her last monthly pictures.  Maybe I'll keep it up, but I'm pretty impressed that I was able to keep it up for 11 months so far.


  1. Can you believe our babies are getting so BIG? Bennett did that "teeth squeaking" thing for a while. Freaked. Me. Out! Then, he realized it made me shudder and he would do it on purpose :)

    1. Uh. I squish her cheeks together when she does it so she has to open her mouth and tell her "no". She doesn't appreciate it. I HATE it.
      And no, I cannot believe how big they are getting. Makes me happy and sad.

  2. Yep, B did the teeth grinding thing, too. Somehow I was the only person that ever heard it. It was terrible! Luckily it passed quickly.

    Kate is so precious!! Love these monthly updates :)


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