Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthdays, Boats, and Lemons

Yesterday was my father-in-law's birthday and today is my Dad's birthday.  So, happy birthday to both of you!

This past weekend we went to the lake to visit my parents and to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  The weather finally cleared up and we were able to go out on the pontoon boat Saturday afternoon.  Kate loved riding, but she REALLY loved to drive. 

We stopped at a nice place to eat lunch.  Also one of Kate's favorite parts of being on the boat.

We brought the dogs along for the ride, although it will probably be their last one.  We had a near disaster when Kristi was trying to get back on the front of the boat.  She was getting onto the boat on the front part where it was very shallow.  She had one leg on the boat and the other was still hanging off.  As she was pulling herself up, the dogs decided they wanted on too.  They ran full force, jumped, and hit her leg that was hanging off of the boat.  Her leg smashed into the metal siding around the outside.  I really thought her leg was broken.  There was a big dent in her shin and you really don't have any fat on your shin, so I thought it just had to be the bone that was broken.  Luckily it wasn't and she was okay.  It did swell up pretty big though.

We stayed around until about 3:30 and then decided to head home.  Kate needed a nap, so we decided to let her sleep on the way home.

We had church Sunday morning and then had a few Leadership and Children's meetings Sunday afternoon.  Afterward, we went to Salsarita's for dinner with Kevin's brother Ken and his wife, Angela.  Kate was playing with my camera case in the car, so I forgot to bring my camera inside the restaurant.  BUT I did have my cell phone, so I got a few pictures of Kate trying a lime and a lemon.

 Honestly, she didn't react to it as strongly as I thought she would.  She did make a face initially, but then just kept wanting to eat more and more of them!


  1. This child's appetite is going to send us to debtors' prison

  2. Looks like so much fun! My dad's birthday was yesterday :). I love her little anchor bathing suit!


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