Saturday, June 1, 2013

Night Night!

Kate has pretty much always been a good sleeper.  Even when teething.  Actually, this morning she slept until 11 am and we even had to wake her up. She only went to sleep a little bit later than her normal bedtime (9pm) so I guess she just wanted to give us a chance to sleep in.  Happy June 1st to us!

Now that we are almost to the point of transitioning from the crib to a bed, I'm even more thankful for my good sleeper... because I'm not sure how much longer it will last.  I'm just thankful that for at least this time in our lives, we look forward to bedtime and for the traditions that go along with it instead of dreading bedtime because of tears.

Kate knows our routine. She knows what to expect and looks forward to it.  After her bath, she points to her room and says "read".  We climb into our glider together and pick out a book (usually her Storybook Bible).  She enjoys this time together. And so do I.

When I close the book and turn off the lamp, she immediately says "Rock." and then puts her head on my shoulder as we rock together and say a prayer.  And when I close the prayer with "amen" she follows up with either "Yay! Again." or "Bed."  So I'll say one more quick prayer and then give her a kiss, lay her down in her crib, tell her "I love you." and walk out the door.

It's such a sweet time together and one of the only times that Kate is actually sitting still.  I love it!

Are any of you other moms routine people too?  Or do you just go-with-the-flow most days?

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