Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Visit to the Dentist

On Thursday, I took Kate to the dentist for the first time. I was NOT looking forward to it because it is already an ordeal just to brush her teeth each day.  Such an ordeal, that it's Daddy's job because this Mama just can't do it. I mean I will when necessary, but I'm more than happy to let Kevin take over that job each day. 

So, I really wasn't looking forward to the dentist visit because I knew she might not be inclined to open her mouth to let the dentist peek inside. And.... I was right. But everyone at the office was so great.  Kate did a great job of sitting in the chair, and the dental assistant (Pam) showed her all of their tools.  She let her hold the small mirror, play with the water and suction tools, and with the light. And every time Pam would ask Kate if she could open her mouth, Kate would respond with her favorite answer- "no".  

This is what most of the visit consisted of...

The dentist came in just to say hey to Kate but they didn't try to push anything, which I was thankful for.  No point in forcing her to do anything and traumatizing her on her first office visit. They didn't charge us and said we could come back in another month to try again. So we will try again in a month. At least she was a big girl and sat in the chair by herself. And even without actually letting them do anything, Kate left with plenty of goodies- a toothbrush, a bracelet, and a couple of balloons. 


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  2. Kate looked so comfortable on her supposed to be first dental appointment. I hope that the next time you bring her to the dentist, she would finally say “yes”. :) That time will surely come. You shouldn't really force her, but of course, you should let her understand the essence of her dental visit. It's important that at an early age, she develops a good oral habit.

    Susie Paavola @ Provo Family Dentistry

  3. I'm sure your dentist understands what it's like to be in the dentist's chair for the first time. It'll be traumatic for Kate if the dentist forced to clean her teeth or any treatment. Well, I do hope she'd say yes to her dentist next month. Hehe! Anyway, you can play dentist just to practice for her next visit. :)

    Celia Warren @

  4. Susan Horby
    At least you tried and have also been brushing Katie's teeth. I thought the staff and dentist handled the situation well and not to charge, I think that is great. I think the dental office is a keeper.

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  6. Kate is such a cutie. My first visit to the dentist was a similar ordeal. I eventually did cooperate with the dentist though. It's so nice that the dentist did not charge you for this visit. Kate will come around eventually when she is ready!

  7. Wow your little girl is so cute. I am taking my little man to see the dentist for the first time next month, and it is great to hear another parents perspective on their first visit. Hopefully the dentist I go to has great staff just like Pam was to Kate. Thank you for the awesome post.

  8. She is adorable. I am wondering what I looked like on my first visit at our family dentist Estetico Manila. Am I look frightened or what? Haha

  9. Great first experience! It's wonderful that your dentist allowed you to use the visit for your daughter to feel out the experience. Your daughter will react much differently next time - trust me! She will want to be a big girl and do what the dentist asks because this initial experience was such a positive. Great to hear it went well!

    Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist

  10. He-he! This is so cute. My daughter is also very excited to visit dentist Redondo Beach this week. Isn’t it amazing! There are people who are very much scared of dental treatments. It is very important that people go to the best dentist Redondo Beach initially only so that you are scared in life about it.


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