Sunday, January 22, 2012

1 Potato, 2 Potato, 3 Potato...

Yesterday, Kate had her FIRST taste of real baby food.  She got a Baby Bullet for Christmas and I broke it out yesterday afternoon to puree a batch of sweet potatoes for her first meal.  This was my first experience with actually making baby food and it wasn't as hard or messy as I expected.  Basically I just cut up 2 medium sweet potatoes, boiled them until soft, and then put them in the Baby Bullet.  It ended up making about 12 2-oz servings.  We have to use them within a few days, or can freeze them for up to a month.  So far, I'm loving the Baby Bullet!

Kate's expressions and face was just so funny when we gave her the first few bites.  You could literally see her thinking "What in the WORLD is this?" and she was trying to decide if she liked it or not.  I guess she decided that she DID like it because she ate the entire 2-ounce serving.  

We'll stick with sweet potatoes for a few more days before trying another new food.  Can't wait to see how she likes the next thing!


  1. Cute pictures! It looks like the sweet potatoes were a big hit! Enjoy all of the fun "firsts!"

    1. Thank you! She had them again tonight, and still loved them. Hopefully she won't be a picky eater. We're off to a good start though. :)

  2. I am trying to decide if I want to purchase the Baby Bullet or just get a blender? I hope to have time to make all my baby's food. Just one way I hope to save some money and my baby will eat healthier!
    Kate looks so cute trying her sweet potatoes!

    1. Well I've only used it once so far and just made a big batch, but so far I LOVE the Baby Bullet. It was so easy. I'd recommend it, but I'm sure a regular blender would work fine too! It really didn't take that long either. Once Kate's eating a bit more each day, I'm sure I'll make more and freeze it. Good luck!

  3. Hi, I found your blog through Kelly's korner. We adopted our son 18 months ago, and also live in the upstate. Just wanted to say hi.
    I made all of my son's baby food and it was so easy. I would just make a few different things and freeze it all. Then I was set for a month and didn't have to worry about it. Just a little tip, muffin pans work great for freezing a bigger portion, once she starts eating more. Have fun making the baby food and enjoy that little baby.


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