Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 5 Month Birthday!

And again this month, I'm a little late in posting this.  Only 4 days though!  Kate turned 5 months old on January 10th!!  Here are her 5 month pictures, and an update on what she's up to!

Kate is officially rolling over.  I probably said this last time but she's REALLY getting into it now.  Until recently, she'd roll over every now and then.  Now she knows what she's doing.  She still can't roll from her stomach to her back though, so it seems like we're getting up more and more at night to flip her over.  She gets SO mad when she can't get herself back over to her back, even though she really isn't even trying to.  On the plus side, she doesn't seem to hate tummy time as much as she used to!

Kate also loves to sit up by herself.  She can sit all by herself in your lap and she will NOT lean back against you.  She wants to do it all by herself.  She also sits forward in her bouncy seat and will NOT lean back.  WE definitely have to strap her in!

We have also started her on solids.  Sort of.  So far we've only tried rice cereal and she's not a fan.  I think we're going to try something else and see how she does.  I wouldn't want to eat rice cereal either.  It looks gross.

She's teething- we think.  If she's not teething, she just really enjoys chewing on things (and her hands).  We bought her a little Sophie giraffe for Christmas.  She'll take that little toy and shove all 4 of the giraffe's legs into her mouth and go to town chewing... and drooling.  Teething?  We think so.


She's becoming more and more vocal.  A few nights ago, she carried on a 5 minute conversation with me.  She's so intent when she's talking, it's like she KNOWS exactly what she's saying to you.  She's also very careful in what/how she says things.  She'll make her mouth form "words" and almost whisper them to herself first before she says them out loud.  Gosh I wish we knew what she was trying to say, because she sure knows what she's saying.

She's enjoying toys more and more.  Until recently, toys haven't really interested her.  They're still not her biggest interest, but she is paying more and more attention to them.  She's got a glow-worm in her crib and LOVES to watch it as she's going to sleep.  Kristi got her a Baby Einstein octopus that plays music and a giraffe toy for Christmas.  Kate has been playing with them a lot more lately.

Oh Kate- how has it already been 5 months! :) Although I don't want to rush time at all, I can't wait to see what I'll be writing about on your 6 month birthday! And here is just a quick comparison just to see HOW MUCH you've changed over the past 5 months...


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  1. Five months! Yay, Kate! I enjoyed your blog on CrockPot Freezer meals, too! I'm totally inspired!


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