Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nursery Update

Even though Kate will be 3 months old tomorrow (wow!), we're still working on finishing up her nursery.  Since we didn't know if we'd be placed with a boy or a girl we started off the nursery pretty gender neutral.  Once we found out about Kate, we started putting some girly touches on the room.  And now we (Kelley) are putting even more personal touches in the room.  The latest addition is this wall decal that we put above Kate's crib.  Just like Hannah, Kevin and I prayed for a child and the Lord chose to answer our prayers with a YES and bless us with Kate.  I love it and think it is the perfect addition to her room!   

Once we get everything done, I'll post pictures of the finished room.  Hopefully we'll wrap everything up within the next few weeks.  :)

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