Saturday, March 17, 2018

Karsten and Mom Night Out

Back when Kevin took Kate to the Daddy/Daughter dance, Karsten and I decided we needed a night out too.  So while Kate and Kevin got dressed up to go to their dance, Karsten did the same (I skipped the dressing up part because, well, I could.)  Karsten, however, will use any opportunity to wear a dress.  She is my girly girl.  She will often ask to wear a dress "Because it's.... Tuesday." #priorities 

And in true Karsten fashion, whatever Kate gets, she needs to have too. So after I finished taking Kate's picture, Karsten declared that it was her turn.

Now when I ask her if I can take her picture, she gives me the hardest time and looks everywhere EXCEPT the camera.  I guess if she's the one that initiates it though, she turns into the biggest ham!

She also wanted to show me some of her dance skills. Ha!

I asked her "If we could do anything tonight or go anywhere, where would you want to go?"

Her answer?  "CAROWINDS!"

So I asked what plan B was and her answer to that....


She's easy. 

Off to Chick-fil-a, with ice cream instead of the toy.  Man I am enjoying this time in our life when I can make her entire day with a $4 kids meal. 

And then we went by Ingles for a sprinkle covered sugar cookie.  Mommy/Karsten night was a success!

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