Monday, July 17, 2017

Fourth Fun

So first off, my blog is fixed. YAY! I know nothing about coding and html and all of that stuff, so thankfully I was able to get someone to fix it for me. :)  Now I am back in business. 

I'm late catching up, as always, but here goes!  Originally we were going to be home for the 4th of July, but my parents ended up being at the lake and we made a last minute decision to drive down for the day.  Spending the 4th of July on the water never disappoints.  

Please note that unless she is in the water, Karsten has food in her hand or in her mouth in every single picture.  We get on the boat and she turns into a bottomless pit! 

One of THE best things we have done is signed the girls up for swim lessons each year.  We don't live in a neighborhood, or have a pool, so the kids don't swim all the time. However, since we're at the lake so much, we wanted them to learn water safety and we didn't want them to be afraid of the water.  One thing is for sure, they LOVE to swim and play. 

This summer, Kate has conquered her fear of jumping off of the dock.  She started by jumping off of a smaller part of our dock and then worked her way up to the high dock. 

I sure am proud of this girl! Last summer, it took her the WHOLE summer to work herself up to jumping off of the side of a pool. Now look at her! 

Love this family of mine and I thank God for them daily.  Yet another 4th of July that I will always remember! 

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