Monday, June 12, 2017

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I did SO well in keeping up with my blog for the last couple of months.  And then... silence.  Why?  Well, Life.


End of school year craziness.  Work craziness.  Getting ready for vacation craziness.

However, I can't miss documenting this little milestone - Karsten's first trip to the dentist.

So a little backstory.  I took Kate to the dentist the first time when she was around 18 months because she had a mouth full of teeth.  We get to the dentist and.... she doesn't open her mouth. Nothing.  They were super nice and showed her all of the tools, and said to try to come back in 6 months. Apparently that's pretty typical and kids just need to get used to all of the weird stuff.  So 6 months later we're back and Kate is sitting in the dentist chair and.... she still won't open her mouth.  Won't even let them LOOK.  6 months later, same thing.  FINALLY when she was closer to 3 years old, Kevin took her to the dentist and she let them do their thing! She's been fine since then. So because of that experience, I haven't been in a huge rush to take Karsten for the first time. We brush her teeth well and she has plenty of space, so we haven't really had a need.

However, Karsten found out that Kate had a dentist appointment one day and was crushed that she did not get to go to the dentist.  For weeks after Kate's appointment, Karsten would ask when she got to go to the dentist.  So I made her an appointment.

Most people don't particularly love the dentist.  Some people even hate the dentist.  But y'all.  I have never seen a kid more excited for the dentist in my entire life than this girl was.  It's like we were going to Disney.

And her appointment was at 7am!!

I thought when we got there, she might change her tune.  Nope. She was pumped.  The only little hiccup was when they raised the chair. She got caught off guard a little and was a tiny bit concerned when her chair started to raise. Once she realized what was happening though, it was smooth sailing. 

She did great "opening her mouth like a shark" and letting the hygienist clean her teeth.  Then the dentist came in, counted her teeth, told her she was doing great, and we were on our way!

Dentist visit #1 went great, and she is already asking to go back.  At least we're starting out on the right foot!

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