Saturday, February 18, 2017

Valentines Cuties

I don't know where you're reading this from, but here in SC the weather has been AWESOME. It's the middle of February but 75 degrees, so we broke out the sandals for Valentines day.  Happy Valentines day from these two sweet girls! They are nothing alike personality-wise, but (usually) get along so well.  I am so thankful that they call me Mama.

Karsten is my sensitive, thoughtful, loving little helper.  She will pull all of her play food into the kitchen and throw it on the floor to "help" me cook.  She is a mamas girl through-and-through.  She likes to cuddle and will randomly say "Guess what Mama!?  I love you!"  

Kate is strong willed, determined, and caring. If you have a boo boo, she's the first to try to help you.  She had a somewhat rough start to kindergarten, but is now reading almost everything in sight. I can't believe how far she's come in 6 short months.  She is my independent little extrovert and I wouldn't be surprised if she is high school president one day. :) 

Happy Valentines day from my three Valentines.  I sure do love this family of mine!  God is good!

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