Monday, October 24, 2016

Snaggle Tooth

Sooner than I'd hoped or imagined, Kate lost her first tooth!  Not sure why I thought that this milestone was normally reached during first grade, but apparently that isn't the case anymore.  One of my best friends has a little boy who is a few months younger than Kate.  When I saw that he'd lost his first tooth back in the summer, I knew it wasn't too far off for Kate.

Apparently I was right.

When school let out for fall break, one of Kate's bottom teeth was loose, but not incredibly so.  For her first full day out of school, she must have wiggled that tooth all day! That is all we can figure because when she got home that evening, this tooth was barely hanging on!  She asked her Daddy to pull it, so he tied a string around it and 2 seconds later, it was out.  For the girl who is blood and pain averse (as in, she dramatically overreacts to nearly everything!), she did great. 

She was so excited to put the tooth by her bedside and for the tooth fairy to visit her. The next morning she woke up to a note and a $5 bill.  Her first reaction was "I'm gonna leave this tooth here again tonight so the tooth fairy can come back!"  Ha! Smart girl.  I was quick to tell her that it didn't work out that way. 

But look at this! Can't believe how grown up she is getting lately.  I better stop blinking or she'll be in high school.

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