Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Kate

Today my oldest little girl turned five years old.  And tomorrow we go meet her kindergarten teacher. My mom-heart almost can't keep up.

This was a picture of her before she put on her pajamas for bed last night.  Her very last night as a four year old...

As much as I'm sad to see her grow up, it also makes me happier and prouder than I could have imagined. This girl...  Here she is on her first day as a FIVE year old...

Five years ago today I was sitting at working, wondering when this little girl would make her appearance.  She was already 2 days past her due date.  Around 10am I got the phone call that her birth mom had gone into labor and that she was on her way.  I quickly wrapped things up at work, and Kevin and I were eating lunch together when we found out she'd been born. Less than 24 hours later, we were meeting her and holding her for the very first time. 

Five years ago, I had no idea that the 8 lb 3 oz sleepy little girl in my arms would turn into the sassy, spunky, and hilarious girl that she is today.  But I knew I loved her then, and my love for her grows a little bit more each and every day. 

Kate is a water-loving little girl. Just tonight we were watching the Olympics together. She saw the swimming and said "Oh, Mommy! I want to do that!"  Maybe she will.

She loves her sister fiercely, and Karsten loves her too.  These two are just now starting to interact enough to really play together, which is good and bad.  The fighting is starting to begin... I would have been happy to put this "stage" of life on hold for a little bit longer.

Like I said earlier, kindergarten is right around the corner.  Kate is SO ready and is excited to meet her teacher tomorrow.  Me?  Not so much.

After a couple of beach trips this summer, Kate has discovered her love of seafood.  Shrimp - yumm!!  For some reason, she calls shrimp "french".  We aren't really sure where that one came from.

By far, her favorite is crab legs.  Girl has expensive taste.  I have to agree with her though. Crab legs are the best.

She went on our church's mission trip again this year.  She's not big on serving and helping, so we're working on that.  But hey, what kid really does want to do WORK over playing on a slip-n-slide with all of the kids?  I don't blame her a bit!  

She is a total Daddy's girl and he HAS to be the one to tuck her in at night.  When Kevin's busy or tied up with something and she has to settle for me tucking her in, she always tells me "make sure Daddy comes to give me a kiss when he comes back in."  Their nightly bedtime story and prayers together are such a sweet part of her day.

Happy birthday, Kate.  I know that there are BIG things in store for your life and I can't wait to watch you do it all. We love you.


  1. Looovvee that little face! Happy birthday, Kate!

  2. Happy birthday, Kate!
    Five has been a turning point for us, as far as attitude and wanting to be a helper, etc. It's a fun age!


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