Sunday, February 21, 2016


This past Thursday, Kevin and I loaded up the kids and hit up Academy Sports to get Kate some new gear, because her very first soccer season starts this week!  We are a sports-loving family, so we are pretty excited for Kate to play. This will be her first organized sports experience.  And if she hates it, that's okay. She doesn't HAVE to like sports, but we would love it if she did. :)

A few months back, I asked her if she wanted to play soccer and she enthusiastically replied "Yes!".  Well, now that we are a bit closer to the season starting, she has backed off on that enthusiasm.  Just last week, she told me she did not want to play soccer.  She just wanted to be a fan. 

Where does she get this stuff? 

Anyway, they are required to wear shin guards but a ball and cleats are optional. In my opinion, you can't really play soccer without the ball and cleats, so we figured she needed it all.  On Thursday, I took her to Academy, while Kevin kept Karsten occupied at the Golf store, and she and I picked out her new soccer equipment. 

I don't think anyone was surprised by her color choice. Nothing like a little bit of soccer gear and a whole lot of pink to get her excited for the season! 

She wanted to wear her cleats home so that's what she did.  

And then the next morning she asked if she could wear her cleats to school.  That's where we drew the line. Pretty sure her teachers wouldn't have appreciated that very much either! 

So Tuesday starts the season. We will see how this goes... 

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