Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Splash Splash

Not too long ago, Karsten started getting a bath in the big tub.  We still use a bath ring ( we have this one), because she doesn't sit well enough on her own, and definitely isn't very steady in our slippery bath tub.

Regardless, this little girl loves bath time. She smiles, and squeals, and most of all, she SPLASHES.

Somehow, I think that I end up just as wet as she is after her baths. 

Kevin likes to say that she splashes with intensity, and loves it.  That is so very true!

 Just look at that face.  The concentration!

Honestly, she splashes so hard, she'll get water all up her nose and scare herself.  It is pretty amusing to watch!  Kate starts swim lessons next week. Guess maybe I should have signed both girls up!

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