Saturday, February 7, 2015

Karsten: Four Months

Baby girl turned 4 months old yesterday, but I had some issues getting her pictures made and posted. First, she wasn't quite up to her normal photo shoot standards, after having her 4 month shots Friday morning. What a way to start off your monthly "birthday", huh?  They didn't bother her TOO bad, since this was the picture I got after I went to work:

It is always fun to get picture messages of both of my girls during the day. :) 

While the shots didn't make her extra fussy or cranky, they definitely made her tired.  She slept like a champ, and went to bed by 7:30.  I fed her at 11pm and then she slept until 6:45 this morning.  Hallelujah!!  Honestly, because of her earlier bedtime, I just didn't have time to take her pictures last night- so today it is!  So I just took them today (one day late- not too bad!)  Here is what Miss Karsten is up to at 4 months old...

Little girl is getting big!  She is 27 inches long (77%) and 13 lbs 14 oz (45%).  She is now wearing size 2 diapers and has moved into mostly 6 month clothes. Some of the 6 month stuff is still a little big, but 3 month clothes are just a bit tight on that belly. :) 

Her little personality is starting to come out and I have to say, there is nothing LITTLE about it!  She cracks me up with the faces she makes. 

We think she may be starting to teeth, because she LOVES chewing on her Sophie the Giraffe and loves it if you rub on her gums. I'm sure we'll see some baby teeth popping through before too much longer.  Who knows though. I thought that was the case with Kate too and I think she was 7 months before her first tooth came through.  The sweet toothless smiles sure are fun!

Sweet girl isn't sleeping much better (with the exception of last night). She is still on a 3 hour schedule during the daytime, starting at 7am.  We give her a small bottle at 7 (before her bath) and then another small bottle after the bath, before tucking her into bed.  She typically wakes up around midnight, and then again at 3 or 4, before she "wakes up" at 7.  Luckily, her night feedings are pretty quick.  She's not up to play, just to fill up and go back to sleep.  While we are SO incredibly ready for her to start sleeping, I know that when she does, that will be just one more way that she'll be growing up on us!

She can hold things in her hands, and transfer them from one hand to the other. She knows how to get things into her mouth!  She loves to coo and laugh, and definitely makes her presence known in a room!

We haven't started solids yet, and probably will hold off on them for a little bit longer. Those bottles are just so convenient in the diaper bag!

Big sister Kate is doing well and loves having a baby sister around, for the most part.  She will occasionally get a bit jealous, and when I'm holding Karsten, she'll sometimes come give me a hug or lay her head on my shoulder and say she wants to cuddle Mommy and Karsten.  For any other kid, I'd think she was just being sweet (and she is!), but she is so NOT a cuddly kid and never has been, so I know it is a little bit of jealousy.  I'll take my cuddles however I can get them! No complaining here!

And for fun, here is a comparison of the past 4 months with Karsten.  Baby girl has grown!!

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