Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Just two weeks ago we became a family of four. The past two weeks have been crazy, and exhausting/tiring.  We are sleep deprived.  We have all been sick- Kate with a virus, pneumonia, allergies and a cold (maybe?).  Kevin with an ear infection, and me with an awful cold.  We have tried our best to keep Karsten healthy, but all of these health issues have made the last two weeks difficult. Not to mention the difficulty of trying to figure out how to handle two kids!

Two kids are no joke!  We went from double coverage to man-on-man.  I left Kevin with both kids for the first time yesterday so I could run to Target.  (I hadn't been out of the house in nearly 5 days. I was going stir-crazy.)  It was evening, Kate and I had already eaten dinner and Karsten had JUST finished a bottle. Kate was in her pajamas and ready for bed- she just needed her teeth brushed and a story read to her. I thought I'd left him in a good place.  Apparently I was wrong. While at Target, I get a text that says "I seriously don't believe you have had a worse idea in our seven years of marriage than to leave me here and go to Target when you did."

Ha! Apparently there were tears, and throw up, and dirty diapers, and screaming... all while Kevin was trying to eat dinner himself.  I was gone less than an hour.

There is a steep learning curve with two kids, and we're getting there. :) We'll pick it up eventually but we're not there yet. Or at least, we're not all the way there yet. Do you ever even get there?

Though it is hard(er), we are thankful.

Thankful for this girl...

And this girl...

And these two girls TOGETHER...

They are both two of the greatest gifts we have ever been given. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have been following for a while and wanted to let you know how much your story is a blessing to me.

  2. It is definitely tough going from one kid to two. There are always challenges, but at the same time there are also wonderful moments and blessings. I remember after having my daughter it was tough learning how to handle both of my kids but I did get the knack, but now they are 3 and 6 and fight most of the time but there are also moments when they hug and kiss and play together without a fuss. It's all worth it though. You have two beautiful girls.

  3. They are absolutely beautiful! What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

  4. This makes me smile! Two kids are a whole new ball game! Just imagine what it'd be like with three and your outnumbered?? So glad y'all are doing good! Both girls are precious!!

  5. My husband and I are going through the process. We have been in the pool for about 5 years and have only had one nibble. We are both are getting really discouraged as to when we will get picked.

  6. Hello Kelley. I'm from Poland and from time to time I was reading your blog. I adopted my little son Leo 4 months ago... Your family of four is such a beautiful blessing... you give hope for many people (for me too!). Thank you for sharing your story. Your girls are gorgeus. And you are so creative and absolutely wonderful mom. Alicja


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