Saturday, June 28, 2014


We JUST got back from vacation a few hours ago so I've got some blogging to do on that trip, but before I get there, I wanted to catch up from our Carowinds trip about a week and a half ago.  We typically take our youth group here once a year, but it has actually been a few years since I was able to go so I was pretty excited for this trip!  Here is the group before we all headed out. 

I'll just say, man it is hard to get a group picture with everyone actually looking at the camera. That was the best I had of multiple shots.

We all headed straight for The Intimidator roller coaster first, and since one of the adults had been to Carowinds earlier that week, she watched Kate for us so that Kevin and I could both ride the ride.  Then Kevin, Kate and I made our way over to kiddie-land.

All three of us got on a hot air balloon ride.  It went up and then went around and around and around.  Kate loved it.

Kevin did not. 

This was his first and last kiddie ride, since it seemed like all of the rides Kate was tall enough to ride just went around and around and around.

There were a fair amount of rides that Kate could do by herself though- and she rode every single one.  

We all had a great time, but Kate especially.  It was a thousand degrees outside but that didn't stop her!  

Carowinds with a kid is a totally different experience!  Kevin and I were talking about how you enjoy the park for different reasons once you have kids.  When we were younger, our idea of fun was riding the roller coasters as many times as we could fit in during the day.  Now, we both have so much fun just watching Kate enjoy herself, and we wouldn't have it any other way!!

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