Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Day- Round Two

We just had snow here in SC a few weeks ago, so I was pretty surprised when the weather men (and women) started calling for snow again earlier this week.  And then, they were updating their forecasts to call for a 100% chance of snow over a two-three day period, with accumulation of up to 12 inches!  Y'all. This NEVER happens where we live.  

I'll be honest, I wasn't totally excited for it.  First, this is a busy time of year at work, and second, I didn't want to be stuck in our house for up to a week.  Our area doesn't have the capabilities to deal with snow, so we just end up stuck. 

Anyway, Kevin and I (and of course Kate) stayed home from work Tuesday - Thursday while it snowed and sleeted.  We didn't get anywhere near the foot of snow that they were calling for, but we did get quite a few inches (guessing 3-5).  Luckily, Kate did pretty well being stuck inside and we were both able to get some work done while she was napping and/or watching movies. I'm proud to say that she can now sing the Jonah song from Veggie Tales by heart. :) 

So instead of writing a whole lot about our snow experience, I'll just share some of the pictures.  Kate wasn't feeling well on Thursday, which was the main day we tried to take her outside, so you can see that reflected in her face.  She was feeling better by Thursday evening, so we took her back outside then.  I've got too many pictures for one post, so those will have to be shared tomorrow. Here we go...


Check out those South Carolina snow boots...

Kevin got Kate with a snow ball.

She was not impressed.

But Max and Cooper sure loved it. Kevin would throw them snowballs and they would leap into the air to catch them.  Of course, the snowballs would bust apart as soon as they hit their mouths. The boys loved it!


  1. Love the pictures. Here in PA we're used to this type of weather but it's still not easy to drive in or deal with. We had over 12 inches on Thursday and then more came on Friday and then a little more on Saturday and they are calling for more tomorrow. Ugh! I'm so tired of it.

  2. Great pictures! I'm ready for spring!!

  3. Those dogs are so beautiful! Gorgeous pictures. I've been hearing a lot about the Snowmageddon happening on the East Coast. Craziness! Anyway, I'm a new follower. :)


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