Monday, August 20, 2012

... We Let Kate Eat Cake

I'm just guessing, but I would say Kate's favorite party of her party wasn't the presents, or the family and friends, or even the lunch (although I'm sure she enjoyed all of those things).  No, I'd guess that her favorite part of her party was the CAKE.  

After lunch and presents, we headed outside to let Kate dig in.  I put the dogs in the back of Kevin's truck and they watched along with the rest of us. 

She went slowly at first.  I don't think she realized what it was... until she had a few bites. 

Then she figured out EXACTLY what it was, and loved it!

Can't you tell she enjoyed it?

She even loved her bath afterward. :)

And that was it! Kate's first birthday party was a lot of fun, and we're so glad that so much of our family could be there, including Kate's birth family.  Kate is such a special little girl, and she is very lucky to have SO many people involved in her life who love her so much.  I'm in no hurry for a 2nd birthday yet though!  No more party planning for me for another 12 months!

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