Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's a Wrap!

Oh the many phases of Kate and her swaddling.  Below is a picture of her at 6 days old.  She LOVED to be swaddled... it was comforting to her.  So, I got to practice some of my skills from my days of playing with baby dolls.

Then, after she was about a week old she decided she hated to be swaddled, and I mean HATED.  She would scream if you swaddled her.  Not only that, she hated covers on her legs and arms in general.  If you'd put any kind of blanket on her, she would kick and scream until she got it off.  But, she seemed to like a blanket on her stomach.  It was the weirdest thing. So, we'd fold a blanket in half, cover up her belly but leave her arms and legs exposed (but not really since she was usually in some kind of footed sleeper).

Sometime in the past few weeks, Kate decided that she likes to be swaddled again, and it has really been a blessing to US!  We only swaddle her at night, and we have to put her in the blanket when she is already sleepy, but it's been great! When she didn't like to be swaddled, she would get startled, throw her arms out (reflex) and wake herself up.  But now, the swaddle keeps her from waking herself up and helps her to sleep better and longer (which is the blessing to US part).  Here's a picture of her just a few days ago sleeping soundly...

Bonus points to anyone who notices what Kate does whenever she is sleeping (and a lot of the time when she's NOT sleeping). Hint- she is doing it in BOTH of the pictures above!


  1. She has so much hair!!!

    It looks like she loves to have her hands by her face...

  2. @Beth
    Yes! She LOVES to have her hands by her face. Even when she's sucking on a pacifier, she has to have both hands on it to "hold" it in! :)


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