Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching Up- Hillsong Concert

On Tuesday, Kevin and I (and my sister & one of our youth) were able to see Hillsong United in concert.  I had to work until 5:30 and my sister had to work until 5 so we decided to meet at Mellow Mushroom downtown at 6.  The concert wasn't until 7:30 so we figured that would give us plenty of time.  Wrong.  Apparently everyone decided to eat at Mellow Mushroom before the concert.  We got to the restaurant and didn't have to wait at all- they seated us immediately.  We ordered 2 pizzas to share with the table, and about an hour later we were still waiting.  Not good.  I went and tracked down our waiter and asked him to bring us our food in to-go boxes and asked him to go ahead and bring us the check.  He appologized for the wait, and we got our food about 5 minutes later.  Hawaiian pizza and Kosmic Karma pizza (mozarella, sun dried tomatos, spinach, feta, roma tomatoes, and pesto).... yummm!

We ate as fast as we could because we didn't want to be late!  Hillsong United doesn't have any opening bands, so if we were late we were missing what we paid for!  We got a great parking spot and made it just in time to get to our seats by 7:30.  And, at 8:00 we were still waiting for the show to start.  Guess they weren't too concerned about it being a week night.  The concert finally started a little after 8:00 and I have to say, they were AWESOME!  It was probably the best concert I have EVER been to.  About 10:30 they were still going strong.  If they ever come our way again, we'll definitely have to see them again. 

And, the rest of our week was VERY eventful.  I'll update on that great news later, so be sure to check back! :)

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