Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toddler Fashion Show

Now that the weather is starting to warm up a bit (FINALLY!), I pulled out some of Kate's clothes from last year to see if anything fits.  Pretty much, nothing that she actually wore last year fits. We did have a few things that we bought a couple of sizes big at the end of the season to save for this year.  Luckily, we guess right on the sizes (2T and 3T) and they fit!  Kate had fun trying them on. I should have grabbed my camera sooner. She was so funny!  I told her to "strike a pose" and her first inclination was to cross her legs...

Her next pose was to put her hand on her head. 

How does she know this stuff? I don't think I've ever even SAID "strike a pose" to her before, but somehow she just knew what to do.  Funny girl. 

I can't get over how long her hair has gotten! 

After the fashion show, she ran around in some dressy white sandals, her diaper, and a Braves hat. What a combination.

She's going through a phase now where she loves to give kisses.  I'm not complaining at all. It's the sweetest thing!  But when she saw herself in the mirror, she wanted to give herself a kiss.  

Wonder why our mirror stays so dirty?

And then she wanted another kiss. 

And yet another kiss!

Silly girl!


  1. Hey lady! Tagged you in todays post about self-truths! Keep it going! :)

  2. Kate is such a DOLL!!! I just love her swimsuit pose...she is preparing for all her future pageants!!!


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