Thursday, April 11, 2013

Iphone Dump

Apparently I've taken 800+ pictures since the last time I cleaned out my cell phone, and I'm running out of space.  Definitely time to download all of my pictures to my computer.  Since I have tons of pictures that I've never shared, I figured this would be a good time to go back and show some of the best.  So here we go...

Back in January, Kevin did yet another home improvement and updated our back door.  Now we have a full-glass door, which has blinds between two glass panels, and we LOVE it. Our room is so much brighter!  Here is the before and after. 

This was just taken yesterday before we headed to church.  I really didn't want to wake her because she was sleeping so peacefully.  I do have to point out that she HAD to sleep with my calculator.  She takes after her mommy! :) 

Last weekend my cousin and her family were passing through and stopped by for a quick visit.  Kate LOVED her little cousin, Collins, and always has fun with Christopher. 

Lucky Kevin got to go to the Master's on Monday.  I haven't been yet, but I'm counting on us winning the Master's lottery and actually getting tickets one year!

Kate grabbed the keys to her John Deere Gator and tried to stick them in the door knob.  She kept saying "Keys! Keys!"  Hey, at least she knows what to do with them!

We had dinner at a local Mexican restaurant (Mr. Salsa) last week.  Kate loves chips and salsa.  She actually loves salsa more.  I think she would actually just drink it out of a cup if we would let her. 

We visited Kevin's favorite store- a golf store.  Kate didn't have any use for a golf club, but she sure did love getting the balls out of the hole and throwing them around.

Earlier this year we took Kate back to the eye doctor for a follow up visit.  This is the WORST time of year for me to have appointments, so I made Kate's appointment for 7am.  Although I hated waking her up that early, it was awesome.  We were in and out in less than 30 minutes. 

A quick family picture one Sunday before our small group bible study...

Another picture taken earlier this year.  Kate likes wearing my sunglasses more than wearing her own. 

Recently she has started playing with the camera on my phone, and taking pictures of herself.  Oh that face!  This is a combination of her playing around, and making her "sad face" with her lip poking out. 

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