Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of "School"

Kevin and I are so grateful, and thankful, that Kate gets to spend her week days with her Nana.  We love that she is being taken care of by family, but we also want her to have a little time socializing with other children, developing social skills and learning how to share.  So, we enrolled Kate in a 1 day a week Mother's Day Out program at a church that is very near to our house.  And as a plus, Kate's Nana can get a bit of a break during the week.  :)  Today was her first day!

I was definitely more excited than she was since she had no clue what was going on!  She did think that the sign was pretty interesting.

Kate goes to MDO on Wednesdays from 9am until 2pm and it is actually a very structured program.  We're excited about what she'll get to be a part of over the next year.  She's in a class with 2 teachers, and 5 other kids. 

We went to orientation last week, and she got to stay with her teacher for about an hour while us parents got all of the necessary paperwork and info.  Apparently she's a very social little girl.  When I went to pick her up after the orientation meeting was over, I learned that she really wanted to help comfort all of the other kids who were crying when their parents dropped them off.  She also earned the nickname "Little Greeter" because she would wave hello and by to everyone. And she did the very same thing again today.

Kevin will normally be dropping her off, but I really wanted to do it today since it was her first day.  We got there right at 9, and I dropped her off with no tears.  Her teachers said she did great today and had fun, but just wouldn't take a nap.  I wasn't surprised.  I'd actually put a note in her bag that said she probably wouldn't.  Normally for naps we put her down in her crib when she's still awake, give her a blanket and paci and then walk out.  She goes to sleep on her own, but she does have to have it quiet and she has to be by herself.  She just doesn't want to miss out, so of course she didn't want to go to sleep with 5 other kids and 2 teachers in the room!  She'll just have to get used to it.

Overall, it was a great first day and I'm sure she's going to enjoy all of the Wednesdays at MDO to come. 

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