Thursday, September 1, 2011

Current Family Favorite

One of our youth gave us this outfit for Kate and it REALLY fits our family.  She got to wear it today for the first time...

She was kicked back and enjoying her nap for sure!  And, she's definitely our current family favorite.  Sorry Max & Cooper!  We still love you too.  :) 


  1. I think I already said this but she is just so beautiful. I don't blame you for ousting the dogs :)

  2. Kate is too cute! I love the pictures of her sleeping. Hope you guys are doing well and that Kevin had a great birthday!

  3. @Be Not Afraid

    Thanks for the sweet comment! We think she is beautiful too and love her so much! We're so thankful that she's a part of our family. Thanks for keeping up with us!

  4. @Jonathan and Rachel

    Thanks Rachel! We have tons of pictures of her sleeping since that is what she does 95% of the time right now. We're lucky when we get pictures with her eyes open! I've been praying that you and Jonathan are matched and placed SOON, and praying for peace/comfort until that day comes!


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