Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

After church on Sunday, I told Kate I wanted to get a few pictures of my big girl.  She agreed, because she'll do just about anything to put off that afternoon nap! 

And y'all.  I think this is the ONLY outfit that Kate has been able to wear 2 years in a row.  We are still in that new-wardrobe-every-season stage.  This little outfit is a hand-me-down and it is a 4T.  It was a bit big on her last year but still worked.  It fits her perfectly this year, though she mostly wears 5T.  Sadly, (and shockingly, based on the number of pictures I take), I don't have one of her wearing this last year for comparison.

I just love this little girl so much, and am so thankful that I get to be her mommy.  She has my heart!

We tried to get little sister in on the action, but she wasn't too thrilled about it. 

I think she was the only kid actually looking forward to that afternoon nap!


  1. Great pictures! I love when they can wear outfits for more than one season!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures of your two gorgeous girls!

  3. So cute! My daughter never cooperates with pictures.


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