Monday, July 21, 2014

Pick Turns 60!!

Last Thursday my dad turned sixty, so to celebrate his birthday, Kevin, Kate, Kristi, Davis and I all went to the lake for the weekend!  On Friday, we had a delicious birthday dinner (which my dad cooked) and then dug into a lemon pound cake with ice cream.

I am pretty sure Kate thought it was HER birthday, and she more than enjoyed blowing out the candles.  They weren't trick candles, but there was ONE candle that just kept coming back.  It was hilarious to watch, and made me realize that we better get trick candles for Kate's birthday in a few weeks! 

Of course we needed to get a group picture to document the day, thanks to the self-timer.  First the serious one.

And then the silly one.  Although I think the guys need a lesson in what a silly picture is!

Saturday would have been a boat/lake day, except it rained all day long.  So, we went bowling!  This was Kate's first experience with bowling and she loved it.

Between the bumpers in her lane, and the metal rack that helped her line up the ball, she almost beat us all!  N

Later that afternoon, I asked her how she liked bowling and she said "It was AWESOME, Mommy!!"

It was a fun few days for us all, and I hope Pick enjoyed his birthday weekend also!


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  2. Wonderful photos- definitely looks like a great weekend!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Kelley!! Looks like a fun weekend for everyone!!!

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  5. Happy birthday to your father. Reaching that age is a great achievement and he looks like a great grandpa.


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