Monday, September 23, 2013

Adoption Update

After turning in the first round of paperwork, we received a second packet in the mail. Although we knew it was coming, and had a general idea of what would be included in the packet, it still took us a LONG time to complete it.  The biggest reason for the delay was that Kevin and I both had to get physicals.  Kate even had to get a "physical", but since her 2 year well check was coming up, we let that count as her "physical". 

We FINALLY got both of our physicals out of the way, and then had to go to CVS's Minute Clinic to have TB screenings done, since our doctor's office was out of the test and wouldn't have them back in stock until November.  Let me just say, the Minute Clinic needs to get a new name.  I got there around 4:40, hoping to beat the people who were coming by after work. Three hours later, I finally went back to get tested.  After my three-hour wait, the test took all of five seconds.  Definitely killed my phone battery during the wait- wasting time on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  There's not much to do in CVS.

So after finishing all the paperwork and getting our physicals done, the whole stack sat untouched on our dining room table for a couple of weeks. Yep. I'm a slacker. :)   I wasn't really slacking off, I just didn't feel any real motivation to get it all turned in because then this whole adoption thing would actually be happening again.  The home study would get started, we would have to do some adoption training online, we would have to go in for interviews, and I just felt that we have been busy enough lately that a little break would be nice.  And before I knew it, a couple of weeks had past and Kevin was asking what we had to do to finish up the paperwork and turn in the packet.  When I told him all we needed to do was proof over everything and make sure it was all in order, he went ahead and did it.  I found myself doing this a few days later...

So yeah, it's about to get real again. And I'm excited. I'm not really sure what the problem was before.  Maybe it was just the anxiety that this whole thing could go really fast and I just needed a little more time to enjoy our family of three. Who knows.  But now I'm ready to get the ball rolling...

Except, we're not, because apparently our doctor's office forgot to do a drug screening on us, so we're back to waiting on the physicals again. Kevin went today and I am going tomorrow morning to get tested so until they get the proof that we're not using (nor have we ever been), we're on hold again.  Only for another week though, and then, it's homestudy time.


  1. Kate, it's great to hear that you just have to wait another week- although if the doctor had been vigilant, you might not have had to wait at all. Good luck with the home study!

  2. I'm sorry, Kelley. I called you Kate in my comment. Don't know how that happened!

    1. No problem! Thanks for the well wishes on our home study!

  3. I love reading your articles. I'm happy that you're ready to extend your family. Are you going to adopt a boy or a girl?

    1. Hey there! We're actually not specifying boy or girl- we are happy just to add another baby to our family!

  4. Wow! I love following along on your journey this time! (I think I started reading your blog after Kate was born.) Congratulations, and I will be praying for you!

    1. Thank you! We would LOVE for you to pray for us. We're hoping that this next adoption goes as smoothly as Kate's did. We were very lucky. :)


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