Friday, April 6, 2012

Sick Baby = Sleepy Mommy

Kate caught her first cold right around her 7 month birthday.  It really wasn't bad at all- just a red little nose and a little bit of the sniffles.  In 4 days she'll turn 8 months old and she's really gotten sick for the first time, with what we think is a cold.  Let me just say, it's not fun.  Here is the littlest patient. 

She was fine all day Wednesday but I decided to stay home from church with her Wednesday evening. She hadn't slept well all day (but didn't show signs of a cold) and was just a bit fussy.  By the time Kevin got home from church, you could tell she was sick.  It hit her all at once.  For the first time since she was 11-12 weeks old, she did NOT sleep through the night.  Not even close.  We lost count of how many times she woke up.  She pretty much sleeps with a paci, and since she was so stuffy she couldn't suck on the paci and breathe through her nose.  She just couldn't get comfortable.  So she didn't sleep.  We checked her temperature and it was normal. 

 She woke up for good on Thursday about 5am and I took her temperature. 101 degrees.  Great.  I figured it can't be a cold because normally you don't get fevers with colds.  So instead of heading into work early, I stuck around to call the doctor's office when they opened. 

Just a little bit of venting here, but why don't doctor's offices open until 8:30 am?  That seems late to me.  8am would have been MUCH more convenient, especially since I called AT 8:30 and got a receptionist who then said I would have to wait to let the nurse call me back.  

Anyway, Kate's never been to the doctor for a sick visit, but they didn't want me to bring her in.  Apparently for a baby, having a fever with a cold isn't that uncommon.  Guess I'll remember that for next time. 

I still had to go to work, but left a little bit early to come home and take care of Kate.  We also had some grandma-help, so that's been great.  Dealing with a sick baby is tough.  Dealing with a sick baby, plus trying to get in enough hours at work (me), plus trying to get everything ready for the Easter service at church (Kevin), plus all the NORMAL day to day stuff (laundry, meals, etc) is craziness.  So we're thankful for help.  

Kate has cried more in the past 2 nights than she has in a LONG time.  Last night she slept in her car seat because she can breathe so much better when she's sitting up instead of laying down.  Also, her appetite is almost completely gone.  I had trouble getting her to eat any solids, but she'll still take her bottle.  That's how you KNOWN she's sick.  She has never declined food before.  

That's not to say my happy baby is completely gone though.  When she's awake, she's pretty happy.  It's the going to sleep part that she's so uncomfortable with.   Here are a few pictures of my HAPPY sick baby. 

Baby Kate, please feel better tomorrow.  Here's to hoping you (and your Daddy and I) will get a little more sleep tonight.  
'Night, y'all!

Oh wait... I almost forgot.  I wanted to post this earlier today, but obviously didn't have time.  There really is no segue into this, so sorry about the total change in subjects.  Every year I think about this video/sermon on this day (Good Friday).  Last year I posted the words to this on my Facebook account, and now that I have a blog, I can share the actual video.  So good and so meaningful.  I hope this day is just as important to you as it is to me!  It's Friday, but Sunday's coming and oh how special is Sunday.  


  1. So sorry she has been sick!! I don't know what I would do with a sick baby at this time. I know you must be exhausted. I hope you both get a little rest so you can enjoy this weekend.

    We're almost done!

  2. Poor angel! Still smiling! Blog hopping and came across yours... enjoying catching up! :)


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