Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Monday

Whew.  I'm sitting down to write and can't believe that it has been 2.5 weeks since I last posted anything.  Sadly, I haven't even pulled my real camera out that much lately.  This is definitely that time of year when the whole camera and blog take the back seat to all of the other "life" things.  You know, things like actually getting dinner on the table.  Or washing laundry.  But not folding.  Because I hate that.  Just washing.  Kidding, about that whole "not folding" thing.  So not kidding about that hating it part.

Tonight though I pulled out my camera.  I mean, I don't want Karsten to feel like she's a second child with NO pictures of her at 5 months old. :)  She is getting too big too fast.

That little nose stays scratched up no matter how short I keep her nails cut.  

And here is big sis, little miss Sunshine.  I still can't believe how she manages to make Karsten smile.  The baby most definitely loves her big sister.  And of course, Kevin and I sure do too! 

Apparently she learned the word "allergic" lately.  She has allergies and asthma so we have said that word around her often, but I guess she fully understood the context of how to use it in the last few days.   Tonight, she came to give me a kiss because it was time for bed, and then she said "Ah, I don't think I can get in my bed. I think I'm a little bit allergic."  Nice try, kid.  

And these two girls together. In matching pajamas no less.  Doesn't get much better than clean, bathed, *matching* kids.  Even with the fake smile. 


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